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Thermodynamic Properties * Thermophysical Properties * Mechanical Properties * Electrical Properties * Transport Properties * Rheological properties * Nanomaterials *  Nanofluids

Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology * Measurement Techniques * Phase Equilibria * Alternative Solvents * Biological and Food Materials * Inverse Problems, Modeling * Metals and Alloys

Ceramics * Functional Composites * Optical and Thermal Radiative Properties * Thermoelelectric Properties * Interfacial Properties * Molecular Simulation and Modeling * Ionic Liquids

Theory and Modeling of Material Properties * New Materials and Materials Design * Equations of state * Granular and Porous Materials * Properties of aqueous electrolyte solutions and sea water

Molecular and Statistical Thermodynamics * Standard Data and Materials * Other proposals on measurement techniques and materials will be welcome. * Packaging * Automotive applications

Thermal managment * Carbon based materials